That’s what one of our customers said when he placed an enquiry for a boat needed for a sailing project he is planning with support from Practical Boat Owner, Honda and Wessex Resins.

Its enquiries and customers like Dylan who make our job as yacht broker all the more interesting and in some cases, amusing. When Boatshed Dartmouth received Dylan’s first enquiry it caught Paul’s attention and made him smile – here was someone planning to buy an old Centaur, rip the inboard engine out, replace it with an outboard and then sail her to the Shetland Islands apparently with the family and the Labrador as well. Love it.

As we were at that very moment listing a Westerly Centaur for sale it was opportune to drop an email back to Dylan right away letting him know. At the same time it seemed the perfect opportunity to open up the dialogue with Dylan and find out more about Keep Turning Left

In response Dylan posted an article about his experience with and the response to his enquiry:

”the people behind it really understand that when you are looking for a boat what you need is loads of pictures and not much faffing with a login.
You do have to give them an email address – but they never send you junk mail and it is great boat pornography
want to see what the inside of a boat looks like – loads and loads of snaps and they keep the old ones on archive
these people understand sailors
As I am looking for a boat on the south or east coast I emailed the six or seven who are in the right area because these people will know almost every boat in their patch and will certainly know all the yards”

Richard Martin at Boatshed Chichester also replied to Dylan and echoed the sentiments of Paul at Boatshed Dartmouth that Dylan’s adventure captures the British spirit of adventure and we all need to be reminded sometimes that this is just one life – so get on and enjoy it!

Great Dylan – who ever said the spirit of adventure is a thing if the past!
I will keep a serious eye on the market
Enthusiasm is the essence of life and I wish you luck

So if anyone reading this knows of a Westerly Centaur nearing its end of life ideally with an engine that needs to be converted into a mooring block and is willing to sell it for no more than £2000 just let any of us know and we’ll pass it on to Dylan so he can start his next great adventure (with the family and Labrador of course…)

If you are interested in selling your boat or would like to purchase one, look no further than Boatshed Chichester.Good people, great you can see you don't have to take our word for it!.

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